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About Us

We are Tropical Flowers Express and our url is still the same. Enjoy our new site and let us know if it works well for you.

Kauai a special place distinct and separate from the other islands is large part from its location. The Garden Island of Kauai is the most remote and the oldest in the Hawaiian chain. While the other islands were conquered and regained by a succession of rulers, there is no account of an enemy ever invading Kauai. For generations Kauai was an independent and isolated place.


Our tropical flowers and foliage farm and homestead are located in upcountry Kauai where panoramic views of the lush coconut coast and Mt. Waialeale are embraced. Mt. Waialeale, 5,140 feet tall and the wettest spot on earth, take its name “A Rippling of the Water,” from the Alakai Swamp and pond on its peak.


Our tropical flowers and foliage are distinct and separate from any other, as is the island of Kauai. We will personally assist you with “saying it with flowers” from the Garden Island.